Last Day on Earth Tips: How to Manage Energy

Last Day On Earth Survival Energy

Energy is one of the most pivotal resources in Last Day on Earth: Survival gameplay with no doubts. It powers your character to do various tasks including crafting, farming, grinding, moving, and many more. Unfortunately, energy resource takes a very long time to replenish. What you need to do with the energy is to manage it during the gameplay. Here are some tips on how to manage energy in the Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Save Up Energy

The most basic tip is to save up your energy during the gameplay. Be effective and efficient when you’re engaging in any activities. You’ll blow the energy very quickly as you’re performing multitasks. At this point, you need to make the priority of what you’ll do in today’s play. Use it as the guide in the gameplay so you can save up money energy by cutting out unnecessary moves.

Nearest Source for Basic Materials

The top priority could be farming the basic materials which include fiber, wood, stone, and so forth. These basic materials are actually available in the green level area for sure. In order to manage your character’s energy, it’s highly suggested to find the closest green area and harvest those basic materials. You should also be aware of the possible attacks during your travel.

unlimited and free energy

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Limit Your Travel

Each journey to the harvesting ranging from 10-15 minutes. It’s highly recommended to wait until the energy a little bit replenished before you can head back to your base or to other destinations. However, it’s better to limit your travels based on your mission. For example, if you’re going to harvest basic materials, then it’s better for you to stick with it. It’s tempting to raid house all the way through but you’ll get exhausted soon and it exposes your character to greater danger. Of course, It requires some time to adapt and measure the limit considering the distance of those areas.

Watch Ads Videos

Fortunately, Last Day on Earth: Survival allows you to get some additional energy quantities by watching video ads. Each video lasts for 30 seconds and it gives you 15 quantities of energy. However, you’re only able to watch video ads five times per day login. Even though it’s limited, you can get up to 75 quantities of energy which is a quite significant amount of replenishment you can get in the gameplay.

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