Last Day on Earth Survival Tips: How to Manage Your Home Base

last day on earth base

Home base is your main virtual room in the Last Day on Earth Survival. Even if you have a slight nomad style when playing the game, you’ll still need a home base. It’s where you stock supplies, recharge, craft tools, and many more. The home base is simply where you’ll return in Last Day on Earth Survival, it’s your main shelter.

Last Day on Earth Survival mobile game allows the player to personally manage their Home Base. Even though each player will play the same game mechanics, the way how they manage their own home base would vary. Tips below are some insights of how you can manage your home base more effectively, let’s check them out.

Take Advantages of Your Workstations

It’s no longer a secret that storage has become one of the mains issues in Last Day on Earth Survival. There are many items you need to store for future usage but you simply don’t have enough storage. You can actually use your Workstations to store particular items. Of course, there is no enough room for everything but you can use it for emergency or short-term storage if you have personal missions to do. Be sure to be acknowledged with what can and can’t be stored in the Workstations.

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Floor First Then The Walls

Many players tend to upgrade their walls instead of their floors. While the game might allow it, you may have weaker walls that easily collapse. Floor works like the foundation for your home base so you need to upgrade it first before the walls. Strong walls + strong floors = fortress. Be sure to follow this basic principle when you’re working on your Home Base.

Working on Defense System

Even though you’re playing against or with AI players most the time, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need defense. In fact, AI gets smarter and they can launch a raid to your Home Base. If you don’t have a strong Home Base defense, you may lose valuables on their hands. On the other hand, the multiplayer mode can come anytime in the future. Can you imagine if these raids are launched by great heathen real players instead of AI players?

Leveling Up The Walls

Indeed, leveling up the walls is extremely necessary. While zombies won’t pass your current walls, the hordes can even melt your upgraded walls. At this point, you need to advance your walls further to level 4 at a minimum. Don’t take it as a burden as this advanced wall will defend your home base for the massive raid as well.

Upgrade Your Doors

Even though doors are quite expensive to upgrade, you may not miss it. Many players tend to save costs for walls but skip the entrance door which has become the inseparable part. For the same reasons, weak doors will collapse first during the raids. It’s because enemies will assume that you’re not upgrading your doors. Even the attacks are spread through the walls, the door will fall first. So, upgrade your doors, and you save your Home Base and your survivor.

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