Last Day on Earth Survival Tips: How to Manage Your Inventory

last day on earth survival inverntory review

Many players consider Killing zombies, raids, battles, as the main challenges in the Last Day on Earth Survival. While they make the gameplay more intense, they don’t stand along to make the challenges. In fact, managing your inventory could have been one of the toughest challenges in the Last Day on Earth Survival games.

You can imagine if you have a tiny apartment, there might be no more rooms for extra foods or valuables. Even if you can craft and/loots various items in the Last Day on Earth Survival, managing the inventory could be a stressful task. Check our tips on how to manage your inventory below.

Acknowledge The Slots

You have limited slots especially for items that can be stacked. Each slot may contain 20-50 quantities depending on the items. Only with this acknowledgment, you can proceed with the rest of your activities. It determines what you’re going to do today, what you’ll harvest, where you will travel, and so on. You need to view the info box tooltip of the items whenever you need them by tapping and holding on them on your screen. Don’t be clueless, all the information you need is available and what you need to do is accessing them.

Quick Use Slots

Last Day on Earth Survival provides you with Quick Use Slots to store vital supplies like weapons, medical kits, foods, etc. It’s easily accessible through your screen so you can consume them real quick for tactical or emergency purposes. However, except for the weapons, items stored in these quick slots can only be consumed as you manually assign them to. Get yourself used to opening and closing these slots.

Moving Your Stacked Inventory

When you’re outside the Home Base, you can bring a chest and backpack as two different locations of storage. Items in these storages are basically movable and interchangeable. You can drag and drop the items or simply double-tapping when viewing the item on your screen to move them. However, this quick mobility is only applicable in stacked inventory and you can interchange items with your Home Base’s storage if you’re outside.

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Monitor Your Inventory Screen

Even though you’re not moving or managing the items, it’s suggested to check your Inventory Screen regularly. It’s because the thirst and hunger levels of your survivor clearly appear on this screen. It allows you to anticipate the starvation in advance and it’s very important if you’re in a prompt tour through the map. Of course, there are notifications, but you can prepare your survivor better by accessing the Inventory screen earlier.

Take Advantages of Pocket Slots

Pocket slots can basically store most items like weapons, foods, drinks, medical kits, tools, and edibles. At this point, you can set storage priority and divide the roles between pocket slots and the main Inventory. It’s not a sin to place the tools in any storage as you don’t have to equip them to consume them.

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