Last Days on Earth Guide: How to Obtain and Feeding Dog

ldoe dog guide

One of the most eligible facts of Last Days on Earth gameplay is that you’re not alone in surviving this zombie apocalypse. You can have dogs that accompany you in the gameplay. They would be your first companion animal in the Last Days on Earth: Survival. It has improved the game experience since it’s added to the game a year ago. Get interested to get your own dog yet? Here is the guide for you.

How to Obtain Dog

Find the Puppies

The first thing should be noted is that you’ll never get an adult dog in the first place, you’ll get the puppies instead. You can get first couple puppies from anywhere but if you want to get more, you need to get them in the Airdrop area or Red level zone.

Get Puppies from Dealer

You can also get the puppies from the Dealer for specific items, resources, and materials.  Each dog breed requires different currency and the amount would vary. It provides you with selections but you may have to spend a considerable amount of currencies to the puppies from the Dealer.

In-App Purchases

Otherwise, you can spend real money for virtual puppies through in-app purchases. The selections would be the same as the ones you can get from the dealer.

How to Grow Your Dog

Dog Crate

You need to craft the Dog Crate for your dogs as you can’t let them wander around your base. It would be the house for them and you need to keep that way as they’re growing up to be adult dogs.

Feeding Your Dog

It’s pretty much like having dogs in the real world, you need to regularly feed your dogs so they can keep alive and grow up. Feeding your dogs also makes them active. Three major foods for your virtual dogs include Dry Food, Raw Meat, and Raw Turkey.

Skill Up Your Dog

As they’re growing up, your dog will also develop their skills and ranks. The skills include a certain number of Trait points while the Rank includes Rank I, Rank II, Rank III, and Rank 4. These ranking and skill systems are applied to any dog in any type and rarity.

Release Your Dog

As they’ve grown enough and/or breed, you can release them. The good news is that they can die but not permanently and you can simply find them back surround your base. Like in the real world, these dogs would be loyal to you as the owner.

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