How To Use Chopper Motorcycle in Last Day on Earth Survival

ldoe chopper motorcycle

Chopper is the main popular transportation mode in the Last Day on Earth Survival. It’s majorly known to transport you through different locations on the map faster. However, many players don’t know how to use or drive their chopper properly. Here are some guides on how to use chopper motorcycle in the Last Day on Earth Survival.

Accessing Chopper

First of all, if you want to use the chopper, you should know how to access it. Last Day on Earth Survival apply several changes on how you can drive your chopper through updates. Now, you need to posit your player on the rear of the chopper and there should be the Action button activated. What you need to do is tapping it so you can drive the chopper. It’s very important to get into the right position for immediate driving action.

Decide Your Carriages

Before you take it traveling the map, you need to list down what to be stored in your chopper. Well, you can’t take all items with you during your trip so you’ll need to have to make priorities.

Traveling with Your Chopper

Whenever you want to travel different Last Day on Earth Survival locations on the map, you can choose either walking, running or driving. Driving your chopper to travel through the map would be faster than running. It drains out the fuel but saves up much of your survivor’s energy. Fortunately, you can now just drive your vehicle from your Home Base without any additional setting except the best position for that action button.

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Upgrade Your Chopper

As previously mentioned, you’ll need fuels to drive your chopper and you can store some items in it either. Chopper comes with default carriage capacity which can be upgraded and it covers both the fuel capacity and storage capacity. By expanding the fuel capacity, consequently, you can travel a longer distance. On the other hand, you may accomplish different objectives in a single trip by carrying more items in your chopper storage. If mobility is your concern, upgrading your chopper is inevitable. 

Get On and Get Off The Chopper

Today, you can easily get on and get off chopper whenever your survivor in. This way, it’s okay if you want to set perimeter by circling the surrounded area of your destination with a chopper. Driving chopper gets more convenient and more flexible through updates. There was a time where you can only set point A to point B for traveling with a chopper.

Build A Garage for Your Chopper

Even though it’s optional, we suggest you build the garage for your chopper. While items or goods stored in your chopper can be looted by your enemies, the chopper is always yours. If your survivor is dead, the chopper will be returned to your garage. However, if you don’t have one, they’d be placed outside your Home Base. If the enemies didn’t loot your fuels and belongings, these would be returned along with the chopper. This way, a garage will protect the remaining items stored in the chopper while you’re starting it again (resurrect).

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