Last Day on Earth Survival Food

Last Day On Earth Survival Food

In a zombie apocalypse, food is undoubtedly one of the main resources to survive. Food in the Last Day on Earth Survival has a pivotal role in your survival rates. It’s a continuous resource and comes in many variants in the gameplay. Fortunately, you can obtain foods from the in-game environment or you can craft them in the workstation. The major tip is to maintain the quantity and variants of Food sources as they provide specific benefits to your character condition. Here are the benefits of the Food resource in the Last Day on Earth Survival game.


Food is literally used to respond to the hunger condition experienced by your character in the gameplay. The hunger condition shouldn’t be ignored for any reason as it can lead to a more serious problem. On the other hand, hunger makes your character less productive in the Last Day on Earth: Survival. Fortunately, the Food appears as the easy-to-find resource which can easily relieve this condition but it still requires your awareness as your characters show signs of the hungry condition. Jerky is the most powerful hunger reliever followed by Carrots, Baked Beans, Candy, and Treat. However, the last two foods are only available in special events only.


Despite hunger, the most repeated condition is the thirsty condition experienced by your character. A particular Food item especially Bottle of Water, Beer, Berry Tea, and other water-based Food could be used to relieve the Thirst condition. Of course, you can relieve it with carrots or baked beans. The bottled water can be crafted at the Rain Catcher, not the Workstation while the Berry Tea can be crafted in the campfire. It should be noted that Beer will force your character to urinate as soon as he drinks it. Water is the best Thirst reliever with up to 50 points of benefit. Read the Last Day On Earth Survival Guide for Beginners for more info.

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Restore Health

As expected, Food resources help your player to restore his health. As you’ve known that there are many factors which can decrease your health bar in the gameplay. The most basic way to restore your health is by taking an adequate amount of Food. The health restoration is, of course, also determined by healing items but the Food would do a supportive role in managing basic health restoration for sure. It’s quite surprising that the Bandages and First Aid Kit appears as the Food in the game. However, it also explains how Food is directly related to the health restoration in the Last Day on Earth Survival gameplay. The First Aid Kit even provides health restoration for 100 points, the highest among other Food sources. You can craft the First Aid Kit with Blueprints only.

Combined Conditions

It’s possible for your character to experience hungry and thirsty at the same time. He can also lack health and feel hungry and thirsty at the same time. Food can relieve these combined conditions which makes it the most basic resource in Last Day on Earth Survival universe. At this point, Food supplies should be your concern in the gameplay. You need to check it periodically and don’t wait until they’re out of stock to craft or find the food supplies.

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