How To Get Free Coins in Last Day on Earth Survival

last day on earth free coins methods

Last Day on Earth Survival recognizes coins as the primary currency before other resources you can use to survive the apocalypse. It’s because you need the coins to purchase weapons and supplies to keep your player alive and fit enough for further activities. You can basically earn coins through the game but a revelation may make grinding more effective and slightly lighter. Before you spend any real money for coin packages, check the eligible ways to get free coins in the Last Day on Earth Survival below.

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Kill More Zombies and Other Enemies

Earning coins Last Day on Earth Survival basically works like a cycle. Each time you kill zombies or other enemies, you’ll earn more coins. Then, you need to invest these coins to buy weapons and necessary supplies as well as upgrades. These will improve your survival performances and you’ll finish tasks and activities more efficiently. This way, you can also bank more coins soon enough. So, the key is to be productive during the game. On the opposite, being idle will drain your resources without any results.

Completing Live Events

One of the eligible ways to get coins for free in Last Day on Earth Survival is by following and completing live events. The events may vary in tasks & objectives so as expected, the number of coins you can earn may also be different. First, you need to be online when live events take place. Second, simply complete the quests. Third, bank coins and/or skill points after the completion. At this point, you need to stay alert on any live events.

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Leveling Up

Despite the live events, there is actually a range of prompt tasks you can do during the game session. Well, the game session is never-ending but you can always progress up by crafting, hunting, and so on. By keeping developing, you’ll get free coins as the reward of your progress. It makes sense as each player has to apply sets of management skills to keep their player alive, survive, and healthy. Despite focusing on particular tasks, you need to be elaborating on diverse tasks. This doesn’t only increase your survival rate but also enhance your coins.

Opening Multiple Chests

There are always chances for you to get more free coins by opening multiple chests. The amount may vary for each chests and depends on the game mechanics. It’s always worth to check what you can collect from the chest. That’s why grab any chances of opening chests in Last Day on Earth Survival and you may bank more coins soon.

Trade Your Resources

Well, it’s not an entire free-based method in terms of time and efforts you’ve spent to craft or collect these resources. However, it’s basically free from in-app purchases. You can trade valuable Last Day on Earth Survival and get transferred a certain amount of coins. It should be noted that the Last Day on Earth Survival game doesn’t officially accommodate the inter-player trading yet. All transactions of the trades can only be conducted outside the platform. At this point, you need to be careful of who you’ll trade your items to.

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