Last Day on Earth Survival Traveling Guide

You can basically travel through maps whether it’s for farming, raiding, and adventuring. As you might have known that Last Day on Earth Survival requires you to carefully manage your resources. Traveling has become one of major activities in Last Day on Earth Survival which deserves a high concern. It’s because traveling is tricky to perform as you’ll have to consider various factors. Your traveling could be a dangerous trip that exposes your survivor to hazardous situations.

The map is divided into three different zones: Green Zone, Yellow Zone, and Red Zone. Check our guides below before you travel through the Last Day on Earth map.

Be Ready for Raids

One of the main reasons why your survivor has to travel is for raiding. When you’re planning a raid, it should be well-prepared before you launch one. However, you need to be aware of the fact that you can potentially lose your valuables when your survivor dies. At this point, you need to check your survivor’s condition and consider where on the map you’ll raid. If find out that it could be tough raid with high death possibility, it’s better to leave your precious items at your home base.

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Traveling for A Purpose

At this point, we suggest you travel for a specific purpose only instead of going randomly. You need to calculate the distance and time spent on your trip. Planning is the key to have an effective and efficient trip. Setting objectives also help you arrange belongings and guide you through the way. Prompt traveling isn’t suggested except you’re ready for the consequences or as you’re in an intended mission exploring different types of zones.

Loot Your Valuables

When you travel Last Day on Earth Survival map, there are areas where no resets applied like the bunker grounds. In such locations, you may loot back your valuables after your last death. If your survivor has died in the reset areas, don’t even try to waste your resources for traveling to get your items back. Again, travel for a purpose.

Farming Travel Reset

Not all resets are bad, some of them are actually very good especially when it comes to farming. If you’ve harvested resources in the particular zones but you’re not reaching your target yet, you can simply travel to other locations for a while. Then, you can go back and voila, the harvesting area has been reset and you can re-harvest them. However, you’ll have to still plan where to go for distraction and how many times you’ll repeat the harvesting.

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Schedule Your Travel

If you’ve been playing Last Day on Earth Survival for a while, you should have known about the temporary instances. These include the Dealer or Air Drops where you can get valuables. They’re covered in the resettable category so it’s possible to make a traveling schedule to loot valuable from these routines. However, the timers may differ through updates and you can note the times on your own.

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