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Last Days on Earth Survival Tips

Taking place in a zombie apocalypse setting, Last Days on Earth offers detailed survival gameplay. It doesn’t give you with shortcut or amenities, you’ll have to make huge efforts to survive. It allows you to get into the real-life apocalypse experience and being a survivor isn’t only a game challenge but the major goal of Read more about Last Days on Earth Survival Tips[…]

Last Day On Earth Survival Energy

Last Day on Earth Tips: How to Manage Energy

Energy is one of the most pivotal resources in Last Day on Earth: Survival gameplay with no doubts. It powers your character to do various tasks including crafting, farming, grinding, moving, and many more. Unfortunately, energy resource takes a very long time to replenish. What you need to do with the energy is to manage Read more about Last Day on Earth Tips: How to Manage Energy[…]