Last Days on Earth Survival Tips

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Taking place in a zombie apocalypse setting, Last Days on Earth offers detailed survival gameplay. It doesn’t give you with shortcut or amenities, you’ll have to make huge efforts to survive. It allows you to get into the real-life apocalypse experience and being a survivor isn’t only a game challenge but the major goal of the game itself. The game features more comprehensive survival elements than you’ve ever known. Here some survival tips

1. Building Shelter

First of all, you’ll have to make a shelter and keep it small. There will basic resources surround your shelter. Make the Small Box so you can collect and store these resources into it. Select the ones which are pivotal to your survival mission as you can the others later.

2. Basic Weapons

Make basic weapon to defend your player against zombies, you can start with the wooden spear or get some from the Truck. You should be able to defeat them easily as they’re the weaker zombies. Eat your food while performing attacks until they’re all dead, you’ll be okay.

3. Colored Zones

There three colored zones: Green, Yellow, and Red. The color represents the danger level of those areas in sequences, the Red-colored zone is the most dangerous one. Fortunately, you can find the most necessary resources in the green zone. You can go to yellow or red zones for rarer ones when you’ve been advanced.

4. Raid Other Survivors

You’re not the only survivor in this post-apocalypse, there are also other people. Unfortunately, they’re not real players since Last Days on Earth cheats doesn’t feature multiplayer mode yet. They’re AI survivors which also have their own base with red roof. If you have a Hatchet, you can raid and loot some eligible items from them.

5. Airdrop

There will be an Airdrop that regularly appears in the universe. As expected, it’s a great chance to get valuable items but also a chance of your character get exposed to greater danger as well due to zombies and other deadly creatures. Traveling there also consumes a significant amount of energy. Go there when you’re ready only.

6. Bunker Alpha

As you’ve been ready, you’re able to visit the Bunker Alpha which is your first bunker for sure. You can collect Glock from the dead guard there and you can use the keycard to open the Bunker door. Get some eligible resources there and you can proceed forward.

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