Last Day on Earth Survival Guide: Farming

last day on earth survival

As you’re playing Last Day on Earth Survival, you’re required to obtain materials for your workstations. This activity is called farming or grinding in the gameplay. Here is the guide for farming the materials in Last Day on Earth: Survival

1. Basic Materials

Regular farming would be required in the gameplay as your character is only allowed a very limited amount of materials. It’s because the size of the backpack isn’t enough to load materials in large quantities. At this point, you should make the basic materials as the priority of your regular farming. These include stones, logs, fibers, and so forth.

2. Location and Equipment

You don’t have to go to a difficult location to farm certain materials which are findable in the green area. You can simply navigate to the closest and safest locations as possible. On the other hand, don’t forget to bring any necessary tools to farm the desired materials, weapons, and supplies including food and aid kit. Harder materials like iron and rocks require a specific tool, the pickaxe.

3. Manage Backpack Space

Since it’s very limited, you should take only pivotal things and leave the other to make more space in the backpack for more materials. Put food and weapon in the quick slot and only load the Backpack with durable tools designed to farm desired materials.

4. Be Effective

It’s like a mission, don’t waste time and resource. Be strictly farming the targeted materials only and manage the space of your backpack so you can load more. It’s okay to collect certain foods in the quick slots or you can directly eat them in case you’re combating with the zombies through the way. Farming would be more effective as you treat it as a mission but the common one, it’s you who should determine and strictly follow the mission.

5. Farming Experience(XP)

XP is the most special material in the Last Day on Earth Survival universe and the hardest to farm. You need a more comprehensive action for this farming. You can take up all the animals, berries, and fibers for your supplies in this XP mission. They will heal and feed you up during farming. Farming XP means killing the zombies in the red zone. That’s why you need adequate supplies as well as weapons and armor but takes the durable one, don’t bring to many things with you.

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